WEBINAR: Natural solutions to slow down the aging of the skin

A webinar that answers your questions!

  • Not all skin ages the same way! Genes? Environment? Lifestyle?
  • For healthy-looking skin and strong bones: Collagen, Silica, Vitamin D, Omega 3, proteins... how to find your way around?
  • Natural solutions to promote skin cell renewal and improved bone mineral density

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This free webinar covers the following:

  • What are the risk factors you can act on and how can you do it?
  • Vitamins, minerals, quercetin, echinacea... how to find your way?
  • Link stress, sleep, nutrition, anxiety and immunity!
  • Solutions at your fingertips

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COVID-19: No events organized until further notice

In connection with the crisis at COVID-19, La Boite à Grains has suspended all events in its stores until further notice. This concerns the workshops, conferences and other one-day events that we used to hold in our branches with you.

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