Pizza avec Croûte aux Légumes Saveur de Pepperoni Sans Viande et Jalapeño Daiya - La Boite à Grains

Meatless Pepperoni and Jalapeño Pizza with Vegetable Crust

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Brand : Daiya
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Discover Daiya pizzas prepared with a vegetable crust (cauliflower, sweet potato and spinach). Meatless pepperoni and jalapeñoño add flavor and character to this creation.

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Very high source of fibre
    Gluten-free crust (water, vegetable mix (cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach), tapioca starch, rice flour, potato starch, chickpea flour, rice starch, ground linseed, olive oil, cane sugar, yeast, psyllium, guar gum, sea salt, Mozza flavored chips (filtered water, tapioca starch, coconut oil, canola and/or safflower oil, natural vegan flavoring, chickpea protein, salt, potato protein, tricalcium phosphate, lactic acid (vegan), konjac gum, xanthan gum, yeast extract, pumpkin juice concentrate (color)), tomato basil sauce (water, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, black pepper, garlic, oregano, salt), meatless pepperoni-flavored slices (tapioca starch, filtered water, coconut oil), pea protein, spices, canola and/or safflower oil, rice starch, sea salt, bamboo fiber (cellulose powder), crimini mushrooms, natural vegan flavor, yeast extract, lactic acid (vegan), garlic, xanthan gum, vegan enzyme, konjac gum, paprika oleoresin (color)), red peppers, meatless bacon-flavored pieces (pea protein, sorghum flakes, sugars (tapioca syrup), natural vegan flavors, coconut oil, salt, paprika oleoresin (color), caramel (color), inactive yeast, yeast extract), red jalapeño peppers.

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