Lait de Chèvre Biologique 3.25% en Bouteille de Vitre Hewitt's - La Boite à Grains

Organic Goat's Milk 3.25% in Glass Bottle

Brand : Hewitt's
SKU: 5785311318

Available in store only

Hewitt's Organic Goat's Milk 3.25% in Glass Bottle offers nutritional benefits comparable to those of cow's milk, but with more natural vitamins A and B (it contains almost twice as much vitamin B3 and niacin as cow's milk). People who cannot tolerate cow's milk can often consume goat's milk without adverse effects... Goat's milk is therefore an ideal, healthy alternative! Goat's milk is delicious as a drink or in any recipe requiring milk.

Organic goat's milk (Made from 100% Canadian goat's milk)

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