Amina Badar

Titre de sa profession

Chemist, President and Founder of Nia Pure Nature

À propos de Amina Badar

Amina Badar has evolved from a chemist and regulator of unhealthy chemicals at Health Canada to an advocate of natural health. Amina Badar worked at Health Canada's Bureau of Chemical Safety (Food Directorate) for over 15 years as a senior scientific evaluator. After seeing three members of her family succumb to cancer, Amina Badar set out to improve people's health by introducing them to the Moringa plant. Grown in the Himalayan regions of India, Moringa is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

In 2013, Amina Badar founded the Nia Pure Nature company, establishing it in Ottawa, Ontario. Like the company's founder and president, Amina Badar, Nia Pure Nature is committed to promoting health and wellness through the power of nature by providing truly natural and organic products that have been researched for their quality and proven by their historical uses. Nia Pure Nature firmly believes that its ingredients should be sourced directly from farming families who believe in sustainable agricultural practices.