Natural products store in Gatineau

Discover the history, mission, values and locations of La Boite à Grains.

A history of passion

Pierre Ménard, president and co-founder of La Boite à GrainsPierre Ménard remembers the early days: "With my partner, Dominique Lauriault, we had an entrepreneurial streak. We wanted to help people take control of their food. In 1980, the notion of organic was still vague, and most people associated it with biology courses... we talked more about natural products. We started out in a small space on boulevard St-Joseph, and every 3 or 4 weeks, we reorganized the store to develop our product range. We never thought we'd be where we are almost 45 years later! Proud of its roots in Gatineau and Quebec, La Boite à Grains today has four stores serving the Outaouais population, and an online store to serve the entire country. Since day one, the values and mission of our healthy supermarket have remained the same: to offer an organic, natural and eco-responsible alternative to food in a way that is accessible to the Canadian population.



Responsibility guides our decisions towards a healthier future by adopting sustainable practices to preserve the environment and the well-being of all.



Honesty guides our interactions and decisions, building strong relationships based on mutual trust, contributing to a fairer world where everyone can prosper in integrity.



For us, excellence guides our actions towards high standards, cultivating innovation and fostering continuous improvement for a positive impact on the world.



Creativity feeds our ability to innovate, encouraged by the diversity of ideas and individual expression, for innovative solutions and rewarding achievements.



Speed is a key value for us, committing us to act efficiently, seize opportunities and maintain a dynamic pace to ensure our continued success.


Good humor

Good humor illuminates our environment, fostering a spirit of optimism and conviviality conducive to professional fulfillment, where everyone contributes enthusiastically to our collective success.



The collaboration at the heart of our culture fosters a diversity of perspectives and ideas, reinforcing our collective impact towards shared success.