Bulk products at La Boite à Grains

La Boite à Grains is pleased to announce the arrival of bulk foods in its establishments. As of today, we offer more 200 organic product options in bulk! More to come soon. Bring your own containers, or pick up your own Mason jars or reusable fabric bulk bags!

We also carry organic and natural bulk liquid products, such as soaps, detergent and organic extra-virgin olive oil. Find out how our machines work to minimize waste.

Did you know that when we opened in 1980, La Boite à Grains offered a variety of bulk foods? Needless to say, its founders were already predicting the minimalist, natural turn we're taking today, 39 years later.

Bulk at La Boite à Grains

Dry bulk foods

With over 175 organic options available in bulk, we offer dry foods, herbs, spices and coffee in bulk. All certified organic! Discover our selection of dry bulk foods here.

Body and household products in bulk

All our bulk body and household products are biodegradable, and many are certified organic from Quebec-based Pure. Discover our selection of bulk body and household products here.

Bulk oils and vinegars

All our bulk vinegars and oils come from Montreal-based Olive Pressée. Discover our selection of oils and vinegars here.

Bulk Kombucha

Our organic bulk kombucha comes from Gutsy, a Montreal-based company. Discover our selection of bulk kombucha here.

  • All our bulk products are certified organic, with the exception of our household products, which are natural and biodegradable.
  • We receive our dry bulk in 5 to 20 kg paper bags and liquid bulk in 20-liter reusable barrels.
  • Our bulk suppliers are all Quebec companies:
    • Clef des Champs (Val-David): Medicinal plants
    • Coop Alentour (Sherbrooke): Dry bulk food
    • Olive Pressée (Montréal): Bulk oils and vinegars
    • Pure (Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska): Liquid bulk body and household products
    • Gutsy (Montréal): Bulk kombucha
    • Brûlerie Aladdin (Gatineau): Bulk coffee
    • Satau (Montreal) : Bulk spices
  • Products come from around the world: Quebec, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Canada, etc.

The advantages of bulk are many

  • Control over quantities: just because we try a new recipe doesn't mean we have to buy 1 kilo of the product! Bulk saves you money;
  • The opportunity to try new foods, such as a variety of nuts, chocolate candies or sweet fruit. Bulk allows you to spoil yourself;
  • The chance to take another step towards the Zero Waste strategy: it goes without saying that it's increasingly important to be concerned about the well-being of our planet. Bulk packaging helps limit pollution. Don't forget to bring your own containers!