Tourtière de Millet Croûte de Farine d'Épeautre Bio Les Artisans de l'Aube - La Boite à Grains

Organic Spelt Flour Crust Millet Tourtière

The organic millet tatter of the artisans of Aube is a great discovery and offers a good option for a nourishing meal. Take advantage of a spelled flour crust and exclusively organic ingredients.
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Les Artisans de l'Aube's organic millet tourtière is a wonderful discovery and a great option for a nourishing meal. Enjoy a crust made with spelt flour and exclusively organic ingredients.

  • Certified organic

Les Artisans de l'Aube is a Quebec company founded in 1989. It grows 4 hectares of organic fruit and vegetables, which it transforms into over 35 different products.

Topping: organic millet, onion organic, water, organic shoyu (organic soy), organic rolled oats, organic five-spice blend (organic cinnamon, organic fennel, organic pepper, organic cloves, organic star anise), organic garlic.

Crust: organic spelt flour, water, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar.

Keep refrigerated.

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