Bière Saison au Citron & Gingembre Loop - La Boite à Grains

Saison Lemon & Ginger Beer

Brand : Loop
SKU: 62821400012

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Fresh ginger juice is a real head turner, nothing like the pink slices you find alongside wasabi. Combined with the sharpness of lemon juice, it's the perfect balance of flavors. A pleasure to eat!

Since no one wants yesterday's bread, this safe, festive beer from Loop gives hope to all those neglected grains. Each sip will brighten up your evenings, and thumb its nose at food waste.

Ingredients of Loop Lemon & Ginger Saison Beer

Organic malted barley, organic malted wheat, rescued bread, organic hops, yeast, lemon and fresh ginger.

Alcohol content: 3.5%.

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