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Hair: natural coloring

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Cheveux : coloration naturelle - La Boite à Grains

Are you completely baffled by the plethora of so-called natural cosmetics flooding the market today?

Well, here's some good news for your hair color: a plant-based hair color... "for real.

Herbavita ® is a European range of high-quality herbal hair care products. For over 30 years, Herbavita has specialized in the development of herbal hair color with complementary shampoos and conditioners. Herbavita gives you long-lasting color and natural shine, while nourishing, protecting and conditioning your hair.

 The most natural alternative for beautiful hair!

Hair colorations Herbatint® uses herbal colorants with added aloe, echinacea, birch, meadowfoam and witch hazel for healthy hair and scalp. It's designed to bring out the natural shine, depth and radiance of healthy hair. Herbatint covers between 90% and 100% of gray hair, and a simple touch-up on regrowth is required approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.

 Herbatint contains far fewer chemicals than other hair colorants on the market and, unlike products containing ammonia, has no odor when mixed. Because there's no ammonia, there's little or no epidermal penetration, so there's less risk of allergic reaction. Instead of ammonia, Herbatint uses plants such as cinchona, Chinese rhubarb and black walnut. As a result, there is no structural damage to the hair shaft and much less discoloration. Hair is softer to the touch and shinier.

All hair colorants must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide, otherwise the color will not set. On the other hand, because Herbatint colorants contain very pure organic color pigments with very small molecular structures, they need only very small amounts of peroxide to open the cuticle. Herbatint's oxidizing oil contains just 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is comparable to the contents of a mouthwash.

The other advantage of having such a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide is that it also means that cuticles are able to close completely, resulting in very smooth hair. Other products on the market contain silicone to make hair soft, even if the cuticle is not completely closed.

Herbatint is naturally translucent, giving your hair a natural shine. This natural translucency makes your hair reflect light. Herbatint does not create the "anti-luminous" effect often associated with colorants.

Herbatint is a carefully balanced formula. Decades of experience and research have refined the synergy between plant-based color and synthetic chemical ingredients, enabling the best possible result with the smallest amount of chemicals.

In addition to its high-quality natural hair colorants, Herbavita® also offers a selection of semi-permanent hair colorants and herbal shampoos and conditioners formulated to target every hair type.

 Treat yourself to true natural hair color!


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