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5 reasons for gardening this summer

by Naturopathes de La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
5 raisons pour jardiner cet été - La Boite à Grains

After having evolved for thousands of years at the heart of nature, humans are increasingly confined between four walls. This disconnection with nature has never been as great as today.

The solution for many is to turn in summer to gardening in order to reconnect with the earth. Gardening is a relaxing and pleasant activity that allows body and mind to let the daily hassle go.

Did you know that the benefits of gardening are scientifically proven and well documented? Here are 5 reasons to put your hands on the ground this summer!

1D Reason for gardening this summer: reducing stress

Contact with nature, plant smells, light breeze and the almost meditative character of gardening are factors that positively influence our mood.

Numerous research has shown that gardening will bring a significant reduction in stress. Indeed, 30 minutes of gardening is enough to significantly lower our cortisol level, the stress hormone.1 In addition, pilot studies have proposed that gardening provides a state of calm and relaxation in characters with depression, dependence disorder and post-traumatic syndrome.2

2e Reason for gardening this summer: Improve mental health

It is surprising that we are all arrested by the fresh and lively smell of the black earth. However, there is an explanation.

The soil contains a harmless bacteria known as MyCobacterium Vaccae.3 When exposed to this bacteria, the human brain secretes and metabolizes serotonin in greater quantity. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger of the brain) responsible for the feeling of joy and well-being. When present in sufficient quantity, this messenger prevents anxiety, depression, phobias and contributes to the right sleep cycle.

Several researchers believe that modern society has contributed to psychiatric disorders by creating environments free from beneficial microbes.4

3e Reason for gardening this summer: promoting cognitive health

According to a gardening report prepared by CNN, people aged 60 to 70 participating in gardening activities on a regular basis have up to 47% less risk of dementia, when compared to a group of same age not participating in gardening tasks.5

In addition, preliminary studies indicate that therapeutic gardening offers many benefits to the aging population, including the reduction in falls of falls, the reduction in chronic pain, improving the capacity for attention, reduction of stress, The modulation of agitation and the decrease in the use of medication, in particular antipsychotics.6

4e Reason for gardening this summer: increase the quality of food

In addition to controlling the quality of the soil and seeds, the gardener has the privilege of consuming fresh and nutritious foods since any fruit and vegetable is at the height of its nutritional value when it is freshly picked.

In addition, some studies show that people who are actively involved in a vegetable garden are more healthy since they consume more fruits and vegetables than their peers. This is all the more true for children, who more easily agree to taste new foods when they participated in their picking, such as CITE Anne Palmer, Director of Public Health Program at John Hopkins University.5

5e Reason for gardening this summer: Improve your relationship with food

If it is true that children gain interest in fruits and vegetables by participating in their growth, picking and preparation, the same is true for everyone.

Indeed, people with eating disorders can find the pleasure of eating by participating in the development of a vegetable garden. In this sense, the community garden becomes an interesting ally, because it offers an opportunity to cultivate food products while offering a feeling of belonging to a social group.

People with difficulty eating healthy, dosing portions or controlling their food rages can also find a better food balance thanks to gardening.



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Good gardening!

Véronique Cousineau; Nd, rhn


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