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Bio-Strath, a natural solution to boost your immune system

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024
Bio-Strath, une solution naturelle pour renforcer votre système immunitaire - La Boite à Grains

When it comes to greater energy, better stress management or a healthy, vigorous immune system, certain natural foods are good allies. They can help you achieve your goals on a daily basis, or simply improve your well-being.

Here are some interesting natural solutions, Bio-Strath is a dietary supplement worth considering. Made from plant yeast, it provides a range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Its benefits, particularly in reducing fatigue and stress, are supported by several clinical studies.

What is Bio-Strath?

Bio-Strath was founded in Switzerland in the 1960s. The formula of original Bio-Strath elixir elixir is prepared from the living cells of a plant yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which are carefully nourished with plant extracts. Offering excellent bioavailability, Bio-Strath delivers a total of 61 vital substances to the body, with a complex of 11 vitamins (inositol, folic acid, B vitamins), 19 minerals and trace elements (iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.), as well as 20 amino acids.

To make taking Bio-Strath a pleasure, the formula is rounded out with malt extract, raw honey and orange juice.

Bio-Strath: benefits supported by several clinical studies

On the market for over 60 years now, Bio-Strath has undergone numerous clinical studies to prove its efficacy.1

Its positive action has been demonstrated in a number of areas, such as immune defense, prevention of flu infections, increased concentration, and its bioavailability for efficient transmission of nutrients to the body.1

One study showed that regular intake of Bio-Strath over a 12-week period showed significant positive effects: fewer headaches, better digestion, reduced fatigue, improved sleep, increased concentration and even greater initiative.

Depending on your preference, Bio-Strath is available in the following forms in liquid form, tablet form or drops.

Don't hesitate to think about Bio-Strath!

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