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Fight cancer the natural way

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024
Combattre le cancer de façon naturelle - La Boite à Grains

Many cancer sufferers turn to alternative approaches to find less invasive solutions than chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although several products seem promising, few of them have been tested on humans. It's a field of research that holds great promise.

Cancer generally begins with the formation of anarchic cells, i.e. cells that multiply with deformations in their genes. The reason for this deformation may be the presence of too many free radicals, pollution, radiation, stress and so on.

By understanding this biochemical overflow, we understand that we must support the elements in our body that combat the formation of anarchic cells.

BIO PRO COMPLEX has a special place in any anti-cancer protocol. Formed from lactalbumin and sprouted grains, it restores the structural elements of the body's glutathione, the most powerful anti-oxidant system we have within us.

AMAZONE Graviola's main function is to increase the number of NK (Natural Killer) cells, responsible for detecting and destroying cancer cells. Finally, as the liver is the general body which directs the expulsion of undesirable substances, it needs to be supported with Labrador Tea or Milk Thistle.

Then, depending on whether the cancer is hormone-dependent (breast, prostate), digestive or other, the appropriate plants will be added. To date, the literature reports several cases of successful cancer treatment using alternative approaches. It's too early to have infallible protocols for all, but the path is promising.

Michel Le Comte, n.d. B.Ps.
For people wishing to meet me for a consultation at La Boite à Grainsyou can reach me at 1-866-268-3048.


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