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Genuine Health, innovation for well-being

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024
Genuine Health, l’innovation au service du bien-être - La Boite à Grains

Under the impetus of founder Stewart Brown, Genuine Health embarked on a journey in the 80s and 90s that has become a model in Canada. By creating the country's first superfood formula, Greens+, the Toronto-based company shed light on the benefits and potential of natural supplements.

Through meticulous scientific research, Genuine Health s mission is to innovate and innovate again to contribute to the general well-being of the population. Nathalie Lefebvre, Genuine Health Sales Director, talks to La Boite à Grains and gives us a better understanding of what makes this fine Canadian company so special.

Interview with Nathalie Lefebvre from Genuine Health

Can you tell us more about the history and beginnings of Genuine Health?

Nathalie Lefebvre (Genuine Health Sales Director) : Our history is our secret weapon. It all started with our founder Stewart Brown, who had opened health food stores in Toronto and was involved in the industry even before he founded Genuine Health. Extremely concerned about the well-being of his customers, and faced with the distress of those affected by the AIDS epidemic in the mid-80s, Stewart drew from this period the values that form the essence of our company. From day one, we've been offering natural supplements that are the result of in-depth scientific research, with proven benefits for the human body.

A key moment for Genuine Health was the meeting between Stewart Brown and Sam Graci, the formulator of Greens+. This is our flagship product. With all the research that's gone into Greens since then, what's really interesting is that the formula has hardly changed in over 30 years. Proof that Sam and Stewart were ahead of the game when they launched Greens+.

We've continued to innovate in this country by being the first to launch aomega-3 and also a natural supplement that helps relieve inflammatory pain with NEM (eggshell membrane).

One of our proudest achievements is our B Corp certification, which underlines our long-standing ambition to contribute to the well-being not only of people, but of society in general.

What three words best define Genuine Health?

Nathalie Lefebvre : It's not easy to sum up in three words, but if I had to identify three ideas, they would be caring for people's health, caring for the planet, and making no sacrifice on product quality.

What sets you apart from other supplement companies?

Nathalie Lefebvre : We invest a lot in research, and we believe a lot in formulas and ingredient synergy, rather than single-ingredient products. Every dosage is based on what the research tells us, nothing is left to chance, and that's why our products perform so well.

Transparency is also paramount in our company, and we make it very clear what our products contain.

We are also extremely rigorous in our choice of ingredients. This applies both to quality and to ensuring that everything is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Genuine Health in a nutshell

  • Canadian company based in Toronto
  • Some fifty employees
  • Founded in 1992
  • B Corp certified since 2012

    genuine health team

    Do you have a new product to present?

    Nathalie Lefebvre : Over the past few years, our company has taken a keen interest in saffron and all the research on its benefits. This includes memory, sleep and stress, and we continue to learn more every day.

    We have created three saffron-based formulas targeting memory, stress and mood. For all three products, we have selected two or three ingredients that act synergistically, and in each case saffron is the main element.

    We can also mention All-in-One which has been in great demand and has been on the market for a few months now. This complete formula includes adaptogenic mushrooms to support immunity, probiotics, ashwagandha to combat stress, green foods and fermented proteins.

    Greens+ is Genuine Health's flagship product. Can you tell us more about its benefits? Who can take it and why?

    Nathalie Lefebvre : Our Greens+ formula contains 23 ingredients and we take great care to use herbal and plant extracts. This guarantees consistency from bottle to bottle and optimized benefits.

    As a recent example of what we continue to discover about our Greens+, research has shown that polyphenols nourish the body's good bacteria.

    But Greens+ is much more than that: it helps balance pH, supports energy levels, contributes to good brain health, has antioxidant effects to protect cells, and the list goes on. It's a product everyone should consider for their well-being.

    Where will Genuine Health be heading in the next few years?

    Nathalie Lefebvre: To continue innovating and contributing to the health of Canadians. That's at the heart of our values, and it's what our founder and CEO Stewart Brown passes on to our team. Some of our formulas take a decade to take shape, and we're certainly already looking at future ranges, particularly in the areas of mental health and digestive health. These are our two main areas of work.

    Thank you very much Nathalie Lefebvre for answering our questions!

    To find out more about our product range Genuine Health product line, click here.


    La Boite à Grains

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