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Gluten-free beer in Gatineau, find your gluten-free beer

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Bière sans gluten à Gatineau, trouvez votre biere sans gluten - La Boite à Grains

In Gatineau, the gluten-free community is growing, and includes people who are intolerant, suffer from celiac disease, or who simply choose to go gluten-free. A number of Quebec microbreweries have developed a fine expertise in this area, offering beer made from millet, rice or buckwheat, without the addition of yeast.

Fuel your well-being and discover a wide selection of gluten-free beers. gluten-free beers à La Boite à Grainsthe supermarket supermarket in Gatineau and the Outaouais region.

Glutenberg gluten-free beers: from IPA to Ale

glutenberg beers

Founded in 2010 in Quebec, Glutenberg has become an iconic leader in gluten-free beer. They have won several awards at the World Beer Cup, and are an essential for those seeking quality gluten-free beer.

The beer selection includes a blonde, whiteIPAIPA sessionStout and also a Discovery Pack a perfect introduction to the world of Glutenberg. In other words, in this brand you can find : 

  • Glutenberg blonde
  • A glutenberg ipa
  • Your glutenberg white  
  • The glutenberg redhead 
  • A can of glutenberg stout
  • Glutenberg ale

Helix gluten-free beer, products to add to your basket

helix gluten-free beers

A newcomer to the world, Helix offers a wide range of Sour beers beers with a fruity taste. Forget lager, wine or dark beer. Find creations in the style NEIPA or Season for hoppier beverages. Both in our store (our grocery) and on site, the four branches of La Boite à Grains can offer you this beer! Do something different than ale or lager, dare to try sour. 

Microbrasserie Nouvelle-France available in Gatineau

gluten-free messenger

Historically, this is the first gluten-free beer available in Canada. La Microbrasserie Nouvelle-Francefounded in 1998, has developed the La Messagère range in a blondred-haired and with fruit.

If you are gluten intolerant and would like to add products other than wines to your grocery cart, consider this brand as an ideal option!



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