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Keto store in Gatineau

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Magasin Keto à Gatineau - La Boite à Grains

Discover a large selection of ketogenic (keto) foods in Gatineau to ease your transition to this diet and your daily life. Find your favorite keto products in one convenient place! Breads, snacks, pastas, sugar-free chocolates and even beers keto-certified beers beers are available to fuel your well-being.

Get these ketogenic products and many others at La Boite à GrainsGatineau and Outaouais health supermarket.


carbonaut keto

The Carbonaut Company is extremely popular, with a selection of breads, bagels and specialities that are ideal for the keto (ketogenic) diet. Low in carbohydrates, Carbonaut products are excellent sources of fiber.

Find out more multigrain bread, white bread, Original hamburger buns and Original hot dog buns, all low-carb. Gluten-free versions of white bread and multigrain bread are also available, as well as a gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread.

If you like bagels, you'll find the flavors Lemon and blueberry, Herbs & Garlic and Nature which meet the needs of the keto diet with only 2 or 3 grams of carbohydrates per bagel. Last but not least, for pizza lovers, pizza crusts are available. pizza crusts Slim and Not so thin are on the menu.

The complete Carbonaut range is available from your health food supermarket. La Boite à Grains.

ANS Performance

ans performance keto

Founded in 2012, the ANS Performance company offers a beautiful range of products to support you every day in your keto diet. ANS Performance recipes are developed with passion and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients.

Let yourself be seduced by Keto Pancake Mix with Buttermilk Flavor and chocolate chips or the Keto Brownie Mix with chocolate chips. Wow snack bars to satisfy your sweet tooth, with a choice of flavours from peanut butter and chocolate, Triple Chocolate Cake, Chocolate and salted caramel as well as Chocolate and mint pieces.

Finally, discover Keto Cocoa hot chocolatea creamy hot chocolate and an excellent source of energy.

Find ANS Performance products in your favourite La Boite à Grains and order online for fast delivery.

Better Than Foods

better than konjac keto

Konjac pasta is an essential part of the ketogenic diet. Better Than Foods offers a fine selection made from organic konjac flour.

Discover the traditional konjac noodlesthe konjac spaghettikonjac konjac rice or konjac penne. Let yourself be surprised by Thai-style konjac noodlesstyle konjac ramen noodles as well as konjac noodles in Angel's Hair format.


chocxo keto

The ChocXO Company specializes in low-sugar chocolate treats that are perfect for the ketogenic diet. Indulge guilt-free!

Visit dark chocolate peanut butter molds are irresistible, as are almond butter and dark chocolate mouldsor the coconut and dark chocolate molds. Snaps made with 100% organic ingredients are delicious. There are two flavors to choose from Coconut almond and sea salt as well as Raspberry and quinoa.

Finally, enjoy organic dark chocolate-covered almondsa certified ketogenic gourmet snack.

See you at your nearest branch of La Boite à Grains or visit our online store for fast delivery.


enlightened keto

Bringing you joy with tasty, certified keto (ketogenic) frozen desserts, that's the mission of the Enlightened company. Monk fruit is used to add a touch of sweetness, all without the guilt.

Enlightened pots of frozen desserts are available in the following flavours chocolate, vanilla, Caramel fudge, glazed doughnut, coffee chips and chocolate mint. Discover also dark chocolate, caramel and peanutwith mint and chocolateor double chocolate. Also not to be missed are the cheesecakes, in the following versions Classic and strawberry.


fatso keto

Providing you with good fats in tasty products is the mission of of the Fatso companycompany, which prepares enriched peanut butters to meet your nutritional needs.

Opt for the Classic version of Fatso peanut butter peanut butter, or let yourself be tempted by the indulgence of Crunchy Salted Caramel.

Get these delicious products for your next visit to La Boite à Grains.


glutenull keto

The story of GluteNull story began in 2011. The founders were determined to create tasty, healthy products that were suitable for the ketogenic diet and were also certified gluten-free. The result is a beautiful range of crunchy, generous cookies.

Choose from ChocoLinwith lemon and coconutwith hemp and with almondsall available at La Boite à Grains.

Good Good

good good keto

By replacing sugar with erythritol and stevia, the Good Good company has developed a fine range of spreads and products that make the keto (ketogenic) diet a joy. The ingredients used are 100% natural and low in calories.

Maple-flavored syrup will accompany you in a variety of recipes. Treat the whole family with hazelnut and cocoa spread.

La Forge du Malt

la forge du malt bière keto

Do you like beer, but watch your carbohydrate intake? Take advantage of of Quebec microbrewery La Forge du Maltwhich brews low-carb beers ideal for the ketogenic (keto) diet.

La Forge is a light blond beer Le Musclé is a festive Brut IPA. Discover it the next time you visit La Boite à Grains.


lily's chocolates keto

Lily's Company was born in 2010 from the imagination of Cynthia Tice. The goal was to create chocolate bars and chocolate specialties while eliminating sugar. More than a decade later, Lily's has succeeded in its gamble, sharing a beautiful range of treats to enjoy guilt-free.

Discover the Très noire sea salt chocolate bar, Milk chocolate with salted caramelthe Velvety milk-style milk chocolate and the Salted Almond Style Milk Chocolate. For your keto recipes, use the chips to bake dark chocolate style or semi-sweet style.


liviva keto

The Liviva company has developed a range of pasta products with healthy, plant-based ingredients that are ideal for the ketogenic (keto) diet. Using black beans and edamame beans, Liviva brings you nutrient- and protein-rich pasta.

Let yourself be tempted by spaghetti and fettuccine with black beansand spaghetti and fettuccine with edamameor by organic soy spaghetti.

Love Good Fats

love good fats keto

Delicious snack bars, rich in healthy fats, fibre and only 1 to 2 grams of sugar: Love Good Fats brings you its expertise in a variety of flavours and textures.

Chewy Nutty bars bars are particularly popular. Choose from the following flavors Salted Caramel, Almonds, sea salt and dark chocolate, Strawberry with white chocolate flavour, Dark chocolate-flavored cranberry and almond and Chocolate peanut.

More classic bars include Lemon Mousse, Cookies and cream, Coconut and chocolate chips, Mint and chocolate chips, Cookie dough and chocolate chips and also Chocolate peanut butter.

Visit your nearest branch in La Boite à Grains and online for fast delivery.

No Sugar Company

 no sugar company keto

It's all in the name with No Sugar Company! By removing all refined sugar from its products and using healthy, 100% natural ingredients, No Sugar Company gives you gourmet snacks to enjoy guilt-free. Perfect for your keto diet.

Snack bars are on the menu, flavoured with cookie dough and chocolate chips or chocolate peanut butter. Also discover Keto Bomb bites, flavored with Dark chocolate brownie and Dark chocolate with peanut butter.


nud crackers

With the aim of creating healthy products to be enjoyed without compromise, the Nüd companyhas developed a range of nutritious crackers. Rich in proteins and nutrients, they contain no sugar and can therefore be enjoyed without fear as part of a ketogenic (keto) diet.

Discover at La Boite à Grains fully-filled flax crackers and single-grain flax crackersmade with 100% organic ingredients.


sana keto chocolates

No-sugar-added treats, a welcome addition to the world of Sana! Formerly Kétolat, the Sana company offers products that combine indulgence and well-being, a combination ideally suited to the ketogenic (keto) diet.

Several chocolate bars are on the menu: Classic Black 72%, Black salted almonds 72, Classic white 40%, Classic milk chocolate 49 and Milk chocolate with salted almonds 49%.. Several chocolate bites, chocolate chips, hazelnut chocolate spread and Overnight superfood blends superfood blends complete the Sana range.

Order these products online for fast delivery or discover them on your next visit to La Boite à Grains.

Sonoma Creamery

sonoma creamery keto

Treat yourself to a range of Sonoma Creamery cheese crackers. The Californian company, with a long history spanning almost a hundred years, has developed several kinds of crackers using cheddar, parmesan and pepper jack cheeses. They are tasty, high in protein and suitable for the keto (ketogenic) diet.

Choose from parmesan crisps, with cheddar, pepper jack, with parmesan and savory seedsor cheddar bacon.

Sweets from the Earth

sweets from the earth keto

The Canadian company Sweets from the Earth specializes in the production of absolutely delicious vegan desserts and cookies. Among them is a fine selection of sugar-free treats that delight the ketogenic (keto) community of Gatineau and the Outaouais region.

The selection includes blondies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies.

Unbun Foods


unbun foods keto


With ultra-nutritious recipes and 100% natural ingredients, Unbun Foods has won over the hearts and palates of many. Suitable for the ketogenic (keto) diet, their breads, bagels and mini baguettes are also certified gluten-free. A delight for anyone who wants to enjoy these tasty baked goods.

Visit us at La Boite à Grains to discover gluten-free Unbunsgluten-free Unbreadbread gluten-free mini baguettesgluten-free Nature UnbagelsFully loaded or even Untortillas.


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