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104.7 FM Health Capsule: Emotional Balance and Omega-3s

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments

In her health column, the naturopath of La Boite à Grains Renée Jean talks about emotional balance (optimism, mood, concentration, energy) and how to use omega-3s, particularly fish-based omega-3s, to help find that balance.


When we talk about omega-3s, we're talking about essential fats that our bodies don't produce naturally. That's why it's so important to consume omega-3s on a regular basis. While it's true that some common products, including many types of eggs, are laced with omega-3s, it's best to supplement with them to provide our bodies with what they need.

There are two types of omega-3: marine (fish) and vegetable (nuts, seeds, soya, oils). Humans, on the other hand, find it easier to absorb/assimilate fish-oil-based omega-3s. 

The benefits of fish-oil-based omega-3s

  • Helps maintain brain function and development in both children and adults.
  • May help manage attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) and improve concentration.
  • Helps develop the nervous system.
  • Helps improve academic and professional performance.

Omega-3 from Nutripur

Nutripur's omega-3s are known under the GENIUS line and are essential fatty acid supplements based on good fish fats. Available in liquid form for better assimilation, and in capsule form for children and teenagers who have difficulty with the texture of liquid.

  • Reduces the effects of stress.
  • Improve concentration and memory.
  • Contributes to good cognitive health. 

Who could do without them? 

Nutripur Genius fish oils are for the whole family

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