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Fuel your well-being: The benefits of functional mushrooms

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Updated on 2024-05-08

Summary: The benefits of functional mushrooms

This discussion of functional mushrooms is really interesting. Naturopath Lynn Goneau explains the benefits of four different types of mushrooms: reishi, chaga, lion's mane and turkey tail. Each has its own health benefits, from boosting the immune system to reducing inflammation and improving cognitive function.

And these functional mushroom products are a convenient option for incorporating them into our daily routine. Coffee with mushrooms Dodjivi is particularly interesting, especially with variants such as Vitality blend or 4 Protection blend. It's an innovative and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms without having to cook specific dishes.

If you'd like to try these products or find out more about functional mushrooms, you can visit La Boite à Grains where Lynn Goneau is available on Tuesday afternoons to discuss and share her knowledge on the subject.

1. What are functional mushrooms?

Frédéric Bisson introduces naturopath Lynn Goneau to explore functional and medicinal mushrooms, highlighting their unique properties.

2. Exploring the benefits of functional mushrooms

Lynn Goneau introduces four varieties of functional mushrooms, highlighting their health benefits, from immunity to cognitive health.

3. How to eat functional mushrooms

Lynn Goneau explains the different ways to consume functional mushrooms, highlighting their versatility in smoothies, coffees, and even during periods of intermittent fasting.

4. Discovering Dodjivi products

Lynn Goneau presents Dodjivi's innovative products, offering coffees with organic functional mushrooms, highlighting their Quebec origin and the varieties available to meet different health needs.

About the author

Lynn Goneau, Certified Naturopath

Specialized in :

  • Digestive health
  • Hormonal health
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Memory and concentration
  • Weight management

Frédéric Bisson, radio host at 104.7 FM

Radio host at 104.7 FM on the Cogeco network. Frédéric Bisson has hosted L'Outaouais Maintenant from 3 to 5 p.m. every weekday since February 27, 2023.


Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:19):

If we talk to you about functional mushrooms, I think you'll discover a world of their own. And today with Lynn Goneau, naturopath of La Boite à Grainswe're going to talk about that. Hello.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (00:32):

Hello Fred.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:33):

Today you're going to show us how to integrate functional mushrooms into our daily lives. First, we need to know what functional mushrooms are?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (00:40):

Yes, functional mushrooms. Often, we wait to talk about medicinal mushrooms. They're full of properties to help management, sleep, the brain and relieve stress.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:58):

You have four kinds of mushrooms to suggest.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:00):

There are four in particular. I'm going to start with the reishi mushroom. This one's nicknamed the mushroom of immortality, because it's really rich in antioxidants.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:13):

It's important, isn't it?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:14):

It does help boost the immune system. It promotes sleep. It's good for those undergoing anti-cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it can be taken.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:25):

It's good. The second chaga.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:29):

Chaga is known to support the immune system, but it will also reduce chronic inflammation and help fight tumors and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:44):

Interesting stuff. You can eat it by the way. The third is the lion's mane mushroom.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:49):

Yes, this one, it looks like, it's called lion's mane because it looks like a big white pompom. It's really cool, it's known for memory abilities, brain health, it's called the brain mushroom. It will help improve all cognitive functions. And studies show that it helps protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (02:12):

The fourth is the turkey-tail mushroom.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (02:16):

Turkey tail. Yes, because this mushroom looks like a turkey tail when you look at it. And it's going to help the digestive and intestinal systems, and certainly immunity, because it increases the production of white blood cells. And we know that white blood cells are what help us fight infections.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (02:33):

How do you eat it in a pan with butter or in another form?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (02:39):

Yes, you could, but in fact, an easier way is to get it in powder form. You can also take it in capsules. But normally, in this case, I'd like to talk about powdered because it's easier to add to your smoothie in the morning or to add to your coffee or tea.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:00):

The people who make young intermittents also eat them.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:04):

They love it because it will help curb the appetite. It's really calorie-free.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:11):

Tell us about it. A kind of supplemental product. What is it? It's a coffee with mushrooms.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:17):

Yes, the one I'm introducing is coffee with organic mushrooms. It's all organic mushrooms that are functional. It comes from the Dodjivi company. It's a Quebec company based in Gatineau, in the Outaouais region, of course. And Fred, I love his mission. The founder's mission. He created the formula, which we're going to talk about, for his wife who had health problems.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:40):


Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:40):

Yes, then the name Dodjivi means perseverance and patience.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:46):

That's the gift he gave his wife. He gave her his patience and perseverance. That's good. So he's the one who decided to use the coffee.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:55):

Yes, to help consume the mushroom. Yes, because that's the delivery system. And because it's been mixed with mushrooms, the benefits of coffee, but not the drawbacks of caffeine.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:05):

Did you taste it?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:07):

This is good. It's really good. It's easy to eat. Seriously. I'm going to introduce you to two products because these are the two products he produced. It's a high-end blend called Vitality. This is an Arabica coffee with reishi mushroom. He added green tea, then guarana seeds to bring energy and vitality. The second product is a blend of four protective mushrooms in addition to coffee. He has added the functional organic mushrooms, reishi, chaga, lion's mane, which we talked about earlier, and turkey tail.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:47):

There's the top-of-the-range Vitalité blend, the 4 Protection blend. You can find them at La Boîte à Grains.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:54):

These are sachets that you can add in the morning with a little hot water and drink like a coffee. They're excellent.

Frédéric Bisson - Radio host 104.7FM (05:02):

Great. We can go see you at La Boite à Grains?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (05:05):

Always on Tuesdays at La Boîte à Grains on Gréber from 12pm to 5pm. I love chatting with people.


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