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Vegetables and vegans: benefits of green foods and medicinal fungi

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024
Végétariens et végétaliens : bienfaits des aliments verts et des champignons médicinaux - La Boite à Grains

Brad King, M.S., MFS

Even if raw food experts do not agree on the exact quantities of green food recommended every day, many recommend that around 30% of calories come from green vegetables. Some experts even go so far as to recommend one or two specific types of green foods that would constitute a high percentage of foods contained in a raw diet. For example, the famous Hallelujah diet consists of 85% of raw plants compared to 15% of cooked foods, with barley grass constituting a significant percentage of recommended raw foods.


The problem for most individuals (vegetarians, vegans or otherwise) is that a diet made up of 30% green food is very unrealistic, which explains the importance of well -formulated green food powders. For most vegetarians, and especially for vegans, large amounts of green foods are essential. Aside from high rates of bioavailable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc in wild green food, these also contain incredibly high levels of natural vitamin K, necessary for cardiovascular health and that of bones; which can be compromised in certain vegetarians and vegans, or even omnivores.


When you are looking to increase your consumption of green food, the easiest way is to take a good formula of green food with water, to obtain a drink rich in nutrients. Find a formula of green foods containing a mixture of highly alkaline wild raw vegetables with wild herbs rich in nutrients and organic medicinal fungi. This combination will give you an incredible nutritional value and maximum immune support for organic fungi.


As the proverb says, we can live in a jetson world, but we live with Pierrafeu bodies! In other words, we share the same internal machinery as people who were here thousands of years ago and as they survived by feeding on the fruits of the earth, eating green food in large quantities, it would be to our advantage of doing the same.


Believe it or not, most edible weeds that we despise because they invade our gardens and our courses are extremely rich in nutrients. They are among the most robust plants, which is why it is so difficult to get rid of them. Aside from the fact that weeds are very rich in minerals which often lack, they are recognized for their higher healing capacities and their nutritional content.


Interesting scientific discoveries in the past 30 years about medicinal fungi have confirmed what herbalists and traditional Chinese medicine doctors have said for centuries, namely that medicinal mushrooms actually contain miraculous compounds that improve life and that make them the most powerful known immune stimulants on earth.


Whether you are interested in increasing your energy profile or protecting yourself from serious illnesses, medicinal fungi are among the most powerful weapons of nature. Although there are dozens of wild mushrooms that offer incredible benefits for body and mind health, choose a formula that includes a mixture of the most powerful mushrooms: cordycers, reishi, nin-chang-chih, himematsutake , Hydne Hedgehog and Maitake. Mushrooms should be 100% organic and cultivated on certified organic oats to ensure the best possible nutritional value.

Tips and advice: vegetarian and vegans - benefits of green foods and medicinal fungi

Ultimate Vegan Wild Greens Contains a rare mixture of highly alkaline wild plants. Ultimate Vegan Wild Greens is also the only green food formula to also contain a special mixture of 100% organic medicinal fungi with powerful immune properties.


La Boite à Grains

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