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Organic beer in Gatineau and microbreweries

by La Boite à Grains 25 Jun 2024
Bière biologique à Gatineau et microbrasseries - La Boite à Grains

Are you looking for beers with 100% organic ingredients? Do you appreciate the expertise of Outaouais and Quebec microbreweries? Fuel your well-being with La Boite à Grains.

La Boite à Grains offers the largest selection of natural and organic products in the Outaouais region, with four branches in Gatineau. Among our 12,000+ products, you can discover in-store a wide selection of beers.

Organic beers

A beer is certified organic when its ingredients - hops, barley, wheat and other cereals, as well as coffee, cocoa, honey and fruit for certain types of beer - are organically grown.

Several Quebec microbreweries have developed a wealth of expertise in the production of organic beers. These include Boldwin, Bières des Cantons, La Chasse-Pinte, La Chouape, Le Castor, Tangram and Vagabond. Discover them in Gatineau at La Boite à Grains.


boldwin organic beers

La microbrewery was founded in 2016 in Boucherville. It specializes in the production of organic and craft beers, with an emphasis on the use of local and quality ingredients. Beers white, Pilsner, red, IPA-type or darka selection to suit all tastes.


cantons organic beers

La microbrasserie Des Cantons is the pride of the Eastern Townships with its fine selection of organic beers. La Pic de l'Ours (blonde), Dans L'Vent (white), Back Country (double NEIPA) or Sweep (Red Ale) are all brewed with taste and expertise. The cans feature colorful, sporty designs.

La Chasse-Pinte

la chasse-pinte organic beers

La cooperative microbrewery La Chasse-Pinte is distinguished by its focus on boreal forest botany. The unique aromas of their organic beers will delight your palate.

Founded in 2015, La Chasse-Pinte offers a fine selection with La Gélinotte (organic blonde with balsam fir), La Crochetée (organic Labrador tea amber), La Peau de lièvre (white with flowers and raspberries), Between the branches (organic forest IPA), La Grolaire (White Stout) and also Foie Gras (organic double IPA). You can find them in Gatineau by visiting one of our four branches. La Boite à Grains.

La Chouape

la chouape organic beers

We no longer present La Chouapea Quebec microbrewery founded in 2007. Its quality, authentic beers are appreciated by connoisseurs. Taste their black oat beeryou won't regret it!

The Beaver

le castor organic beers

Born in 2012 from a project by enthusiasts, the Le Castor microbrewery offers a fine selection of beers brewed locally with taste and expertise, all using 100% organic ingredients.

Their various IPAs (Yakima IPA, Aussieland IPA, New England IPA) are particularly popular, as are their oatmeal stout and their black IPA called L'Éclipse.


tangram organic beers

Tangram is a Quebec microbrewery of passionate people who create tasty organic beers with a mission to put a smile on your face with every sip. Puss in Boots (Italian Pilsner), À pas de tortue (West Coast Hazy IPA), Like a butterfly (Berliner Weisse) and Licked Bear (Double IPA) are among the beers you can find at La Boite à Grains.


vagabond organic beers

Vagabond is a Quebec microbrewery with an adventurous spirit. Their refreshing beers are made with 100% organic ingredients. Discover several IPAs (Instant de bonheur, Fort LauderdaleSéquoia, Hop!), a white beer (Soleil levant), a Pilsner (Bon baiser de Prague) and seasonal brews that are regularly renewed. Available in all La Boite à Grains stores in Gatineau.


La Boite à Grains

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