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Capsule Santé 104.7 FM: The benefits of Probiotics

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments

Beneficial bacteria in supplement form are called "probiotics", a term that means "for life", because they are the natural guardians of good intestinal health and vitality.

The different strains of probiotics have a targeted action that contributes to our good digestive and general health. 

The benefits of probiotics

  1. The first is to modulate the activity of the intestinal immune system: increasing our resistance to bacteria, contaminants, viruses, yeasts and other pathogenic organisms that inevitably inhabit the intestinal tract. 
  2. They take the place of pathogenic bacteria. 
  3. Reduce inflammation and allergic reactions 
  4. Will help enormously with all intestinal problems 
  5. Probiotics enhance mood, improve depressive states 
  6. Lacto-fermentation of the probiotic transforms the ingredient and makes it even more nutritious, nourishing and increases the percentage of vitamins and improves mineral assimilation.

Recommended products

 - Dr Formulated probiotics from Garden of Life


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