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Exotic Oils for Skin Care

by Marie Couture ND 05 Jun 2024 2 comments
Les Huiles Exotiques pour Prendre Soin de sa Peau - La Boite à Grains

The skin is our body's largest organ. In places, it's as thick as a sheet of paper. It serves as our natural barrier and protection against environmental aggressions. If it breaks, this opening becomes a potential breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms.

The skin is made up of a superficial layer, the epidermis, and a deeper layer, the dermis. Next come the blood capillaries, which supply the skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and supple.

What's more, skin tissue is exposed to daily environmental aggressors such as: hot, cold and dry air, sun or lack of sun, wind, rain, heating, etc.

It must adapt at all times to protect itself from these aggressions.1

The skin and its needs

The result of beautiful skin is first and foremost the quality of the nutrient source in our diet. It needs variety in the whole range of food categories (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and good fats, etc.), and I would add, organic as much as possible. And don't forget to drink plenty of water, since our bodies are made up of up to 75% of it.1

Beautiful skin and our emunctories

Another important thing to remember before putting oil on our skin is to understand the functioning and quality of our filters.

To have beautiful skin, we need our emunctories (liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin) to function at their best. These serve to filter, cleanse and regenerate our organism.1

The skin is an important emunctory, as it is through perspiration that our body eliminates waste. The best way to perspire is through physical activity.1

Aging skin, an inescapable fact...

Aging is an inevitable stage of life. Our body cells produce less collagen, and the dermis retains less water. As a result, skin becomes thinner, less solid and less elastic. Wrinkles form. Skin becomes more fragile and vulnerable, and heals more slowly.1

One final point on maintaining beautiful skin. Reduce risk factors such as stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, caffeine, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and so on.1

Skin care: powerful exotic oils at your fingertips

Beauty through simplicity: an oil with protective, therapeutic and regenerative properties that are 100% pure and entirely organic.

Wild Rose Hip Seed Oil

It's the seed of this wild rose...Rosa rubiginosathat we use to draw the oil. It is a close relative of the dog rose. Originally from Europe, it is grown in South America, particularly Chile and Argentina, where it is known by locals as Rosa Musqueta.

The popularity of rosehip oil comes from its high content of retinoic acid, a natural derivative of vitamin A, which is highly antioxidant and known to reduce the appearance of photoaging, also known as pigmentation spots.

In addition, its high content of essential fatty acids, linoleic and 30% alpha-linolenic acid omega 3, and vitamins C and E, nutrients and antioxidants that play an important role in keeping skin moisturized, supple, soft and radiant.

With repeated applications, it can be used to nourish devitalized, dry, cracked and flaky skin. It is beneficial for acne-prone, eczematous, blotchy and hyperpigmented skin, and is effective for fading recent and old scars and acute or chronic ulcers.4

Cacay oil, an Amazonian anti-aging oil

I discovered an oil that was still unknown to me, Cacay oilsustainably harvested in the heart of the Colombian rainforest. The fruit of the cacay tree contains nutrient-rich seeds. This cold-pressed oil is exquisite for quenching your skin.

Cacay oil has a high vitamin E content, which makes this oil antioxidant and gives it the ability to repair damage caused by the sun and environmental stresses. This oil is also highly moisturizing, an important factor in stimulating cell renewal and making it very healing. Its high fatty acid content not only moisturizes, but also improves elasticity for healthy, radiant skin.

Another important active ingredient in Cacay oil is retinol. High levels of retinol, a carotenoid, are ideal for reducing the signs of aging recognized by fine lines and wrinkles on our face.

Retinol derives its anti-wrinkle action from its ability to boost collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts. Collagen is a genuine support for the epidermis, ensuring the suppleness, shape and resistance of the skin, which begins to decline as early as the age of 25 due to reduced collagen production. Lost collagen causes the skin to sag and wrinkles to appear.5

Moroccan argan oil, a cosmetic oil as precious as gold!

Argan trees grow in south-western Morocco, on the road between Essaouira and Agadir by the sea. The argan tree grows only in the wild. Its twisted silhouette and thorny branches give it its Latin name. argania spinosa (thorny). It grows in arid, semi-arid regions bordering the Sahara desert.

Argan, the nut that is cracked to obtain the kernel and pressed to extract the oil, is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, omega 6 (linoleic acid) and omega 9 (oleic acid), giving it moisturizing, protective and regenerative properties for skin, hair and nails.

The production process is long and laborious, requiring 110 pounds of argan fruit and 20 hours of work to produce half a liter of this sought-after liquid. This precious oil also known as "liquid gold", has proven active ingredients that help slow skin ageing and reduce fine lines, while giving the appearance of firmer skin by naturally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin at cellular level. It moisturizes, softens and protects the skin against dryness, thus preventing and/or reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It calms and relieves the itching of eczema and psoriasis. It nourishes hair and prevents split ends, and strengthens and nourishes nails.

Extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, it has been known for centuries by the Atlas Berbers for its cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietary and dietary virtues. Today, in this region of Morocco, women's cooperatives bringing together three million rural women are working to exploit the argan nut and transform it into oil for cosmetic and food uses.

Even dry, brittle nails can be treated with argan oil Soak your nails and cuticles in a mixture of equal parts argan oil and lemon juice, this will soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails. Finish a manicure by applying a light coat of argan oil to your hands.6,7

Tamanu oil

The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum Inophyllum) grows in tropical Southeast Asia. Its precious fruit gives it its reputation moisturizing and nourishing oil for the skin. The kernel, source of its rich fatty acid nutrients, including 30% linoleic acid (omega 6), 40% oleic acid (omega 9), as well as stearic and palmitic acids. These fats are all beneficial to the appearance and texture of the skin, making it plumper.

How to prepare the oil : Before extracting the oil, the kernel is exposed to the tropical sun for a month, then the rich, dark, even viscous oil is extracted, revealing lush emerald reflections and a unique fragrance.

In its native traditions, Tamanu oil was used not only for its nourishing properties, but also to reduce the signs of aging through its antioxidant properties.8

Caution: do not use if you are allergic to nuts. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Tamanu oil may solidify naturally; place the bottle under hot water to liquefy.

Exotic oils: instructions for satisfactory results

Put 5 to 8 drops in your hand and gently massage the oil onto your face and neck. Larger body parts may require more oil. Best applied to damp skin, such as after a shower or bath.

Warning: for external use only. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply to open wounds.

New Roots Herbal exotic oils

Visit exotic oils from New Roots Herbalare rich in beneficial fatty acids and vitamins, and are resistant to oxidation. 

About the author

Marie Couture, Certified Naturopath

Specialized in :

  • Digestive disorders
  •  Inflammation
  • Hormonal problems
  • Stress management

Sources :

  1. Le Journal de la Guildes des Herboristes, 2006, vol.11 issue 2
  3. Baudoux D, Essential Oils 2000 years of aromatherapy discoveries for a medicine of the future 1er january 1990


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