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Feed your well-being: How can you relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies?

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments

Updated on 2024-04-23

Summary: How can I relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies?

This conversation between 104.7FM host Frédéric Bisson and Lynn Goneau, a naturopath from La Boite à Grainsdeals with seasonal allergies, in particular allergic rhinitis caused by pollen. Lynn gives advice on how to limit allergic symptoms, such as avoiding bringing pollen indoors, washing your hair every night, airing your home on rainy days, and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.

When it comes to diet, Lynn recommends eating foods that promote good intestinal flora, such as fermented foods, as well as foods rich in quercetin and omega-3s. She also mentions foods to avoid, such as peaches, melons and tomatoes, as well as dairy products, which can increase mucus production.

Lynn also suggests a supplement, black cumin seed oil from New Rootsto boost the immune system, relieve allergic symptoms and treat various inflammatory and infectious conditions.

The conversation ends with an invitation to meet Lynn every Tuesday at La Boite à Grains and with the usual greetings to close the show.

1. Introduction to seasonal allergies

In this section, Frédéric and Lynn discuss the challenges of allergy season and the prevalence of allergic rhinitis.

2. Tips for limiting allergies

Frédéric and Lynn share practical tips for reducing indoor pollen exposure and relieving allergic symptoms.

3. Food and allergies

Lynn recommends a diet that promotes healthy intestinal flora, as well as specific foods rich in beneficial nutrients to alleviate allergic symptoms.

4. Natural solution: black cumin seed oil

Lynn presents black cumin seed oil as a natural solution for boosting the immune system and relieving seasonal allergies.

5. Conclusion and weekly appointment

Frédéric concludes the show by inviting listeners to meet Lynn every week at La Boite à Grains and saying hello for the next show.

About the author

Lynn Goneau, Certified Naturopath

Specialized in :

  • Digestive health
  • Hormonal health
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Memory and concentration
  • Weight management

Frédéric Bisson, radio host at 104.7 FM

Radio host at 104.7 FM on the Cogeco network. Frédéric Bisson has hosted L'Outaouais Maintenant from 3 to 5 p.m. every weekday since February 27, 2023.


Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:19):

You may have noticed people suffering from particularly severe allergies this season. The pollen index is in the carpet and this season promises to be even more difficult than the others. Today, we're going to talk about seasonal allergies, from watery eyes and sneezing to itchy, red eyes. Lynn Goneau is my guest, our naturopathic columnist at La Boite à Grains. Hello.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (00:47):

Hello Fred.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:49):

So rhinitis, because that's what we call seasonal rhinitis or allergic rhinitis.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (00:54):

Hay fever, as we often hear, really does affect a large part of the population. And it starts at any age. It usually starts in the spring, when the trees release their pollen, then it can even be throughout the summer, because other plants release their pollen, and it can last until mid-October, until the first frost.

Frédéric Bisson - Radio host 104.7FM (01:15):

For me, it's mostly in the fall. Everyone is different.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:18):

Yes, that's right, because this is the trees. Later, it'll be plants.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:21):

Exactly, and then depending on the type of pollen. So, what can we do to limit these allergies?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:26):

You have people, simple gestures like that. We know that pollen can get everywhere, so if you're coming in from outside, don't bring your clothes inside, in your bedroom or in rooms like that. Avoid drying your clothes outside on the line, because obviously you're going to have pollen accumulating. It's even a good idea to wash your hair every night to get rid of the small pollen particles that can settle on your pillow. Air your home only on rainy days, because when it rains, the pollen sticks. So it's less volatile then.

You can protect your eyes with sunglasses, because that will prevent the small particles from irritating your eyes, causing stinging, redness and so on.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (02:27):

It's interesting. So we can also help ourselves with food. We're going to talk about things to avoid eating. But first, what do we eat? What do we encourage?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (02:38):

Indeed? The ideal is to have a well-functioning intestinal flora, because that's where immune defense begins. This means eating foods that are fermented, such as kefir, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, etc. All fermented foods, foods that are rich in quercetin like red onions, red apples, cocoa powder, green leafy vegetables. These are full of quercetin. So it's going to help, obviously to relieve. You can have a diet that's rich in omega-3, like the oily fish in your sardines, your mackerel, I really like turmeric and ginger and garlic.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:21):

This is good. In a little Asian stir-fry. Yes. But why?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:25):

It's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It's not complicated to use in the kitchen. I use it with my salmon. I put slices of ginger, garlic and lemon. Then I put it in the oven. It's delicious.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:39):

Okay, so there are some foods to avoid. Some that are very surprising when you suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:46):

Peaches, melons, tomatoes.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:49):


Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:50):

Tomatoes. It's not the fresh tomatoes we pick that are the problem, it's the ones that are cooked and then concentrated, like in ketchup or tomato paste, that are the worst. Of course, we ban milk, all dairy products, because we know in advance that dairy products cause mucus.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:15):

Do you have a star supplement this week?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:20):

Yes, one that I love and prefer myself is theblack cumin seed oil. It's from New Roots. The seeds contain a high dose of antioxidants that will boost your immune system. It's antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. It's starting to look pretty good. Interesting. It has anti-inflammatory properties, of course. If you like that, it helps a lot to relax the bronchial tubes. That's how you can use it as an antihistamine.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:51):

Well, it must taste cursed with a name like that. Black cumin seed oil.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:58):

No, it doesn't have a taste that's really unpleasant. It helps a lot with all sinus problems, all respiratory problems in general, it's going to help, and between me and you, it's a product I love because it also has an action on the cardiovascular system, an action on digestion. It protects liver cells and is excellent for inflammations of all kinds, even intestinal, and for all infections, even urinary, I could go on and on. Arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, all joint problems - it's a miracle product.

Frédéric Bisson - Radio host 104.7FM (05:49):

Lynn, we remind you that you can be seen every Tuesday at La Boite à Grains.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (05:51):

Always a pleasure to meet and chat with you. La Boîte à Grain on Gréber from noon to 5 p.m.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (05:57):

On that note, have a good week and see you next week. Thanks for your time.


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