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Tropical Smoothie with Collagen

by Valérie Gendron-Legault 19 Jul 2024
Smoothie Tropical avec Collagène - La Boite à Grains

Pack your bags, we're going on a trip! Here's a smoothie that's both satisfying and delicious, so we can escape to the beach in tropical countries as often as we like! This balanced recipe is rich in antioxidants, vitamin D and essential fatty acids, cultures probiotics and amino acids essential for optimal health. 

As we age, our natural synthesis of collagen diminishes. This protein is responsible for the elasticity of skin, the health of hair and nails, and the integrity of bones and joints. Whatever your age, regular consumption of collagen provides the elements the body needs to repair connective tissue.

After undergoing hydrolysis, collagen protein is broken down into sub-fractions called peptides, which are themselves made up of several amino acids. This process ensures optimal absorption and efficiency of collagen in the body. This natural product makes it possible to add easily assimilated protein to your diet on a daily basis. And don't worry, marine collagen doesn't taste or smell like fish! 

Serving size: 1 very generous portion 

Preparation time: 5 minutes 

Meals : Breakfast, snack/meal

Cooking : Gluten-free, dairy-free, pesco-vegetarian 

Culinary tools: High-performance electric blender  

Tropical Smoothie with Collagen ingredients

tropical smoothie with collagen genuine health ingredients

*The marine collagen from Genuine Health comes from the skins of wild fish caught in the North Atlantic. This collagen is a by-product of other industries that would not otherwise be used. It requires no additional fishing!

How to apply Tropical Smoothie with Collagen

  1. In a blender, combine all ingredients, taking care to put the soft, liquid foods first.
  2. Blend until smooth and homogeneous. 
  3. Serve with the garnish(s) of your choice! 

Tips and tricks for Tropical Smoothie with Collagen

tropical smoothie with collagen genuine health

  • Topping ideas: pineapple slice, fresh mint, toasted coconut flakes, coconut whipped topping.  
  • La collagen powder can be added to your lattes, coffees/teas, yogurts or any food of your choice (soups, cookies, cakes, etc.). Always whisk, shake in a closed container or mix collagen powder in a blender for best results. 
  • For more recipe ideas, see our double chocolate cookies with collagen.

Recipe substitutions for Tropical Smoothie with Collagen

  • You can easily substitute the coconut kefir with cow's milk kefir or the milk of your choice. However, milk will not add probiotics to the recipe. 
  • Omit silken tofu if you're intolerant to soy or simply don't have any on hand. Replace it with kefir. The smoothie will still have more than 10g of protein per serving, given the collagen powder. 
  • Replace avocado with banana for a sweeter, potassium-rich smoothie
  • Use frozen pineapple and mango chunks, taking care not to add ice cubes

Enjoy your trip! 

The team at La Boite à Grains


Recipe creation:

Valérie Gendron-Legault


La Boite à Grains

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