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Béata's favorite

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Le coup de cœur de Béata - La Boite à Grains

Béata joined the team of our St-Joseph store as a health consultant in the middle of the year 2022. With her smile, her kindness and her professionalism, she quickly became a favorite. Her long career in education and learning, which took her to France and Poland before settling in Canada, has given her the rigor and thirst for learning that are now forging her passage to la boite à grains.

A loyal and long-time client of our supermarket Béata is passionate about natural and organic products. It was an obvious choice for her to be part of our workforce: "la boite à grains totally corresponds to my values, I saw myself working here for a long time. Now that it has become a reality, it is just happiness".

Béata presents you her favorite, the organic carrot oil from the Quebec company Divine Essence.

Why Divine Essence organic carrot oil?

It is a product that I discovered here at la boite à grains. We all know the benefits of carrots as a vegetable, and the skin can benefit as well. Carrot oil can be applied in place of a cream, it has nourishing and anti-aging properties.

I use it daily, applying it in the evening, to nourish the skin. In the morning, I prefer argan oil, which I also like very much.

Do you have any tips to share?

It's a very simple product to use. You can start by applying it once a day, to see if it works for you. I've adopted it into my skin care routine!

Let's talk about diet. What is a healthy diet for you?

First of all, it's a ritual. I start my day with green juice, which I prepare from organic kale. It's another favorite! Otherwise I make sure to have a varied diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, meals based on buckwheat, rice, couscous, millet. Cabbage is very present, with several varieties that I often cook. I make my meals at home, and my criteria is to always make sure that the ingredients are fresh and of good quality.

Do you have a favorite meal of the day?

On weekdays, I would say mornings, but on weekends it's definitely dinner. For family meals, we take the time to cook good dishes, based on vegetables, meat or fish. One of my favorite things is bigos, a very nourishing Polish dish, which I prepare myself, and again it's made with cabbage! (laughs).

Do you have any healthy habits to share?

I bike and ski a lot. Cycling is my main means of transportation. I think I ride my bike more than I drive in a year! In the region here, we have a superb network of bicycle paths, not to mention Gatineau Park.

I also love to walk. In the summer, I go for a 5 km loop around my house almost every day, the trails are perfect for it. When I go on vacation, hiking is always at the heart of my activities.

Thank you Béata for sharing with us your favorite hikes!

Don't hesitate to say hello to Béata the next time you visit our store in St-Joseph😊

Béata's favorite la boite à grains

Divine Essence Organic Carrot Oil

organic carrot oil divine essence

The Quebec company Divine Essence is renowned for the excellence of its essential oils and beauty oils. The organic carrot oil, with its regenerating properties, allows you to have a hydrated and radiant skin.

Discover Divine Essence organic carrot oil in store and learn more here.


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