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Child: prepare for back to school

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments
Enfant : bien préparer la rentrée scolaire - La Boite à Grains

By Mélanie Paquet,
Naturopath and primary teacher

The counting is initiated, from August we see a giant at the start of the school year. Good will, we have to resell to accompany our children in their journey and their success, but everything must hold on a solid basis. A routine which reassures, healthy lifestyles in terms offeed, d ’physical activity, hours of sleep and taking Vitamin supplements, greatly facilitate the physical and psychological balance of children.


Danger: right sugar in front

It is proven that sugar has a great impact on concentration, so the more the child consumes it, the more he will be agitated. Besides, it is hidden everywhere, as much in prepared and frozen meals that are found in grocery store, as in carbonated drinks, certain fruit juices and even in savory nubin.

It is important to decrease your sugar consumption, especially in the morning, so that your child has maximum concentration for the future learning day.

Read the list of ingredients of the products you buy; Besides, an essential tool is Catherine Lefebvre's book: Sugar - Truth and consequences, that we find on sale at La Boite à Grains.

August: Month of preparation and awareness

You can already start cooking snacks and healthy meals that will be frozen while waiting for day when we add fresh vegetables and fruit to the lunch box. The child must also be made aware of health choices as well as to use organic foods. If we trust the excellent Brazilian food guide, you have to take pleasure in cooking together from freshly picked ingredients, as often as possible.

The goal is to expose your child to good eating habits, and by involving him in the chore of the preparation of his meals, he will have much more fun eating in the school cafeteria with his friends and comrades.

Suggestion : In the kitchen, we can add a portion of flavor -free protein powder to our muffin and homemade cookies, so that our child is full longer.


Physical activity

At the cry of rallying: we will play outside, everyone says present, we let go of video games, we put on our sneakers and we move!

Physical activity is a good life of life to develop and maintain, especially with the family. There is no need to run a marathon or invest in expensive sports equipment. You can take advantage of the beautiful temperature and visit the municipal swimming pool, play in the park, cycle, walk in the forest. In short, let your imagination go because the important thing is to move. This is good for both physical and morale. It is also a good habit to instill in your children because they will grow and will be more likely to practice outdoor activities once adults.


Sleeping habits

As of August, it is important to resume good sleep habits, go to bed at the same time every night to be fresh and ready upon waking, ready to face geography and mathematics lessons. Remember that your child, depending on their age, needs between 9 to 1 p.m. sleep. It will be easier for your child to resume classes if the sleep routine has already been established for a few weeks.

Before falling asleep, telling or reading a short story is always well appreciated, for several reasons:

  • Quality time spent with a parent;
  • Calm anxiety in some children;
  • Stimulate the taste for reading.

If your child is anxious, you can also do deep breathing exercises with him. This tool will be very useful to him throughout his life in order to properly manage his stress.


Vitamin supplements

Since it is sometimes difficult to meet all our needs exclusively by food, there are a few supplements that you can offer to your child to ensure his balance:

Vitamin D : With the swirling lifestyle of 21e A century, children often arrived at home and do not always have time to expose themselves enough to the beneficial rays of the sun. Besides, The show of February 18, 2015 of the grocery store brought to this subject. Vitamin D is also easy to give to children because several manufacturers offer it in the form of drops.

Omega 3 : Taking omega-3 can help concentration in children. If your child's diet is not sufficient in omega-3, the supplement can be an ally of choice. There are several supplements which do not have a fish taste and which are even surprising by their delicious flavors.

Probiotics: Probiotics can help strengthen the immune system, especially if your child has taken many young antibiotics, or if he was born by Cesarean. If the baby is born vaginal, he receives the good bacteria from the mother who will help him develop a healthy microbiota. On the other hand, if it is born by Cesareanus, these good bacteria are not transmitted to him. Taking probiotics can help in terms of digestion, allergies, eczema and for several other health problems. You can view The Discovery program of September 15, 2015 Who explains all the benefits of probiotics very well and the importance of a healthy microbiota.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, So start to get rid of your child from his bad folds now by opting for healthier behavior, so the habit of happiness and health will be taken for a long time!


By Mélanie Paquet,
Naturopath and primary teacher





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