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Feed your well-being: Urinary incontinence solutions

by La Boite à Grains 05 Jun 2024 0 comments

Updated on 2024-04-12


Summary: Urinary incontinence solutions

104.7FM host Frédéric Bisson welcomes Lynn Goneau, a naturopath from La Boite à Grainsto discuss the challenges faced by women with urinary incontinence. They point out that this condition is not exclusively linked to aging or childbirth, affecting men and children too.

Lynn Goneau explains the different types of incontinence and their symptoms, highlighting the possibility of improving the condition. They then discuss dietary solutions, recommending foods rich in magnesium and fiber while avoiding sugar and salt. Hydration management is also essential, with advice on limiting coffee and alcohol consumption before bedtime.

Muscle-strengthening exercises and supplements such as BladderSense are suggested for support. The discussion concludes with Lynn's invitation to meet listeners at La Boite à Grains for more personalized advice.

Get valuable advice by listening to the podcast Fuel your well-being from Lynn Goneaunaturopath of La Boite à Grains.

1. Introduction to urinary incontinence

Frédéric Bisson and Lynn Goneau introduce the subject of urinary incontinence, pointing out that it affects men, women and children, and can be improved in most cases.

2. Myths and realities

Lynn clarifies the myths surrounding incontinence, pointing out that it is not exclusively linked to aging or childbirth.

3. Symptoms and Diagnosis

They discuss the symptoms of incontinence and the different ages at which it can be diagnosed, highlighting stress and nocturnal incontinence.

4. Dietary Solutions

Lynn offers dietary solutions to strengthen bladder muscles, highlighting pumpkin seeds and parsley for their rich nutrients.

5. Recommended foods

They detail the foods to favor, especially those rich in fiber, to avoid constipation, which can weaken the pelvic area.

6. Foods to avoid

Lynn recommends avoiding foods high in sugar and salt, which can cause bladder hyperactivity, as well as reducing consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol.

7. Hydration management

They discuss the importance of hydration management, recommending limiting fluid intake two hours before bedtime to avoid nocturnal awakenings.

8. Practical advice

Practical advice is given, such as regular hydration throughout the day to reduce the need to drink in the evening.

9. Muscle-strengthening exercises

Lynn explains simple exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, particularly beneficial for women.

10. Supplements and treatments

She recommends BladderSensea supplement based on pumpkin seed extract, as a treatment to reduce urinary incontinence and frequency.

11. Conclusion and Appointment La Boite à Grains

The discussion ends with Lynn inviting listeners to meet her at La Boite à Grains for personalized advice and further assistance.

About the author

Lynn Goneau, Certified Naturopath

Specialized in :

  • Digestive health
  • Hormonal health
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Memory and concentration
  • Weight management

Frédérique Bisson, radio host at 104.7 FM

Radio host at 104.7 FM on the Cogeco network. Frédérique Bisson has hosted L'Outaouais Maintenant from 3 to 5 p.m. every weekday since February 27, 2023.


Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (00:38) C'est l'heure de la chronique with Lynn Goneau naturopath of La Boite à Grains. Today, we're going to talk about women who face the challenges of urinary incontinence. But it's important to know that in the vast majority of cases, it's a condition that can be improved.

So, when a person has involuntary losses of urine, they are said to suffer from urinary incontinence.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (00:49):

Yes, and at the same time, Frédéric, I'd like to make a little clarification. Sometimes we think it's related to aging or childbirth. Frédéric, it should be pointed out that this happens in both men and women.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:02):


Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:04):

In men and children. Incontinence is usually diagnosed around the age of five or six. If we're talking about incontinence in the evening, nocturnal incontinence. It's usually diagnosed around the age of seven. It can affect anyone.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (01:24):

How does it start? What are the first symptoms or signs? I've been told that, at 48, I sometimes realize that I was going a little bit more.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (01:36):

Yes, of course there's stress incontinence. That's when you notice it. When you're doing an activity that really requires physical strength, you can feel it or it happens when you sneeze.

Frédéric Bisson - Radio host 104.7FM (02:01):

Solutions to help us with food?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (02:04):

Pumpkin seeds. They're rich in magnesium and zinc, and will help tone your muscles. Yes, because that's what slackening the bladder muscles is all about. It's so easy. You can also add them to salads or fruit snacks.

Also pumpkin seeds. They're from the same family as squash. Parsley, Frédéric, contains vitamins that help build the urinary system.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (02:57):

It's also a good idea to eat foods that are rich in fibre, because you don't want to become constipated either, because when you are constipated, the flare-ups can weaken the pelvic area.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:07):

Yes, the effort, I understand. Yes. So that's what we have to eat. Now, what foods should we avoid to prevent us from urinating often?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (03:16):

As I mentioned earlier, sugar causes hyperactivity in the bladder and can make you very, very acidic. You end up with hyper, hyperactivity in the bladder. We don't often think about foods that are too rich in salt, because what's going to happen is that we're going to want to drink a lot more. Yes, more. You'll end up with an overactive bladder. It's important, though, Frédéric, to stay hydrated, not to think that you shouldn't drink when you have incontinence, because otherwise you can end up with concentrated urine. Then you can end up with infection problems.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (03:59):

We also watch out for coffee, tea and other types of alcohol.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:05):

Very important. Coffee, tea, wine and beer make the bladder much more active.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:17):

Where, and eliminate drinks, even water. How many hours before bedtime?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:23):

Two hours before. Frédéric, this.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:25):

It's difficult. Okay, because I like to have a glass of water when I go to bed. I feel like the night is going better. I've got less of a headache.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:32):

Hydrate a lot during the day, you won't be doing that in the evening. You're less likely to wake up at night to urinate.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:39):

Talks less about a series of exercises that can also help.

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:42):

Yes, for women, an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. How to do it is relatively simple.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (04:52):

Do we have a suggested supplement?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (04:54):

The product I'm talking about today is BladderSense from WomenSenseIt's actually a pumpkin seed extract. If you want it in concentrate, this product contains it, it's going to help you. It's like a treatment or support for bladder irritation. It helps reduce urinary incontinence. It will also reduce the frequency of mixing.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (05:19):

That's good. I'll buy a couple of cases.

Frédéric Bisson - Host 104.7FM (05:47):

So we'll be seeing you in person on Tuesday, because you're there?

Lynn Goneau - Naturopath of La Boite à Grains (05:50):

Yes, Tuesday, every Tuesday, in fact from 12pm to 5pm, at La Boite à Grains on Gréber, it's always a pleasure to chat with people.


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